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A little about me...

I seek and create opportunities to make theatre, television, and voiceover work which reaches people on a deep personal level. I enjoy storytelling as a social, political, and joyful act. I regularly consider the principle of the artist as citizen when approaching my work, and the impact of the stories I tell. As a queer person, I also strive to diversify the types of stories that reach mainstream audiences.


Artist Statement

Originally from the “quiet corner” of northeastern Connecticut, I’ve been working in NYC for several years as an actor, singer, and (formerly) a stage manager. I also have been caring for Manhattan & Brooklyn’s dogs, cats, bunnies and lizards as a pet sitter since 2016! 


Growing up with an academic, athletic, and hyper-productive older brother who would go on to became a Physician’s Assistant made me realize early on that the Arts were more my speed. He took AP Chemistry in high school, so I just... did that, too.

When I dropped out of that class 4 weeks in, I discovered AP Music Theory and I realized my real strengths. I come from a family of artists and big-hearted hard workers. For awhile after graduating from Adelphi University with my BFA in theater, I worked a few Stage Management/ ASM jobs, which I was also good at. But my passion really is onstage.

Since graduating from the Atlantic Acting School Conservatory, I've been exploring comedy, writing and filmmaking more than I ever have. Stay tuned for the development of my one-woman show, "okay, bye!" and the several short films I have in development (in my lil brain).

In the meantime, you can catch me singing in the Stonewall Chorale, the nation's first LGBTQ chorus, at the newly reopened UCB Theater, and (most reliably) on instagram

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